APPENDIX II-K: Colorado State Department of Health Issues Minimal Precautions against Pesticide Fogging for Mosquitos.


Remain inside during the spraying.

Keep children inside during spraying and for about one hour after spraying.

Close your windows and doors. If you use an air conditioner turn it off or set it to recirculate indoor air.

Avoid eye contact with the spray if you are outside during spraying, and rinse your eyes with water or eye drops if they do come in contact with the spray.

Wash skin surfaces that come into contact with the insecticide.

Rinse fruits and vegetables from your garden thoroughly with water before cooking or eating.

Cover outdoor furniture and play equipment before the application, or wash them with soap and water afterwards.

Bring in laundry and toys before spraying or wash them afterwards.

Bring pets inside and cover ornamental fish ponds during the application.

Consult your doctor if you think your health was affected by the spraying.


What should I do if I am exposed to mosquito adulticides?

If you are concerned that you are suffering adverse health effects from exposure to mosquito adulticides, contact your local health department to find out what products were used. After you know what you were exposed to you may consult with your doctor or contact the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center (1-800-332-3073) for further information.


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