APPENDIX II-AA:  Blood Brain Barrier-Steenis.

Dr. Dick van Steenis MBBS

MCS CONFERENCE, LONDON, 2&3 September 2003



Since the switch to heavy oils in the UK in the 1980s and to hazardous waste fuels since 1992, and increasingly since 1997 under the Blair regime, (especially through the increase of incineration), the level of PM2,5 particulates has soared and content become much nastier. The USEPA has dealt with the issue, but in the UK, "spin" by conflict-of-interest professors on rogue quango committees like COMEAP, national

poisons unit doctors, public health doctors. Medical Research Council, health charities (part funded) and "friends of the earth" have misled the public and corrupt Environment Agency to the financial benefit of pharmaceutical, power, oil, cement & waste companies. Cocktail effects aggravated by OP pesticides and certain vaccines have occurred leading to damaged body defences and immune system. Plans have been announced to impose a further 165 huge incinerators by diklat in the UK. This will enable imports of hazardous waste to escalate. Biffa paid for FoE's waste policy plans comprising burning waste in cement works and incinerators as pellets, exactly what was passed at Swansea. Journals are now censored to support govt. "spin". 

The toll of industrial pollution has amounted to some 140000 unnecessary deaths annually plus illnesses comprising as much as 40% of the "NHS bill. Wasting almost 20% of the NHS budget on “managers" has not cured the causes. The range of immune system malfunction related diseases includes autism, ME, SLE, multiple chemical sensitivity, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, gulf war syndrome, celiac disease, polymyalgia rheumatica & fibromyalgia. An association has been documented with endometriosis, allergies & hypothyroidisro. The inflammatory process often reveals itself in one organ then spreads later. Key protective items damaged by pollutants include the blood-brain barrier, p53 gene, P450 liver cytochrome, depletion of T-lymphocyte numbers and the blood-bowel barrier, if the

CD26 lymphocyte-activation marker is increased, chronic lymphocytic infiltrates in subrnucosal tissue follow. However, polymorph cells are increased following exposure to volatile organic compounds, and increased lgE follows exposure to emissions from use of dirtier oils. A weakened immune system is ready prey to weaponised military or ordinary viruses/bacteria. Unbalanced non-organic diets, nuclear radiation and some antibiotic-related overgrowths weaken bowel wall integrity which can lead to leakage of antigens into the blood stream resulting in

haptens then auto-antibodies. The cocktail effect thrives, worst in the killing zones. 


Victims who started off as fit & young, have been damaged by a selection of the following assaults --- 

1.   PM2.5 particulate inhalation from the oil fires 1991 and PMI depleted

uranium inhalation 1991 and 2003. 40% of DU (U238) used in shells/missiles vaporises to PMI size with remainder staying on site as residue. Effects of PMIs of DU inhaled were listed in the 30 October 1943 report to Brig.Gen.LR Groves (USA) and May 2001 report of Dr. D. Rok-ke (Nexus June/July 2003) proving results include asthma, damage to nerves, eyes, gums, kidneys, neuropsychological state, and causing skin rashes, lymphomas, cancers, uranium in semen and birth defects in progeny. Some 390 tons of DU was used in the 1991 war, and subsequently in Okinawa 1995/6, Serbia 1995, New Mexico, Puerto Rica, Nevada, Florida & Maryland and also Scotland. Atomic tests in Australia 0ct.l952-0ct.l957 left a legacy of cancers etc. especially in South Aust. & Queensland. The UK government said Australians were "expendable" during the Australian atomic testing program. Malignant melanoma arises from radioactivity and grows when the p53 gene is damaged by PAHs or ultraviolet light. The highest death rate is in Scotland among those who have not traveled away. Radioactive levels in the UK are raised from incineration of nuclear waste in 34 incinerators, plus emissions from steel

plants (70000Bq/kg) and Sellafield, Nycomed (Cardiff), Trecatti & Nantygwyddon waste sites, and UK. nuclear plants and nuclear waste facilities. Adelaide in South Australia was plastered with radioactive fallout from 11 to 16 October 1956 comprising plutonium 239, Americanum 241, Iodine 131, Strontium 90 & Caesium 137. Tony Blair's mother died of thyroid cancer following that exposure. The highest rate of birth defects and breast cancers in Wales are downwind of the old Trawsffynedd nuclear power station, Pembroke oil complex & Nantygwyddon (breast cancers to follow). An increase in incidence of leukaemia c.1991 and general cancers c.2002 followed a nuclear incident in Earley (Reading) in 1986. Effects of PM2.5s from oil fires include asthma, strokes, heart attacks, cancers (especially lung, prostate and bowel), hypothyroidism, clinical depression, infant mortality (locals). High PAHs would have wrecked the p53 gene promoting cancer growth over the subsequent 20 years. A Belgian incinerator report covered 20 years of premature death and illnesses. The report about the Port Kembia steel works emitting up to 150000Bq/Kg of radionucleotides revealed leukaemia and cancer rates up to 16km downwind with the highest nearest to the plant some 9 times higher, then dropping off steadily. 

2.   Multiple vaccines given within too short a period.  It takes 10 days to produce a template for antibody production. 4 vaccines within a 10 day period in 2003 contained thiomersal, opening blood/brain barrier & harming immune system. 

3.  OP pesticide spray potentiated by sarin exposure opened blood brain barrier causing asthma, depression, nerve, brain cell and immune system damage thus) leading to multiple chemical sensitivity. Copper is depleted too. Inquest of a Porton Down sarin victim is still refused. 

4.  Pyridostigmine & DEET insect repellent & synthetic pyrethroids cause further damage to enzymes. (See reports by Prof. Abou-Donia, ongoing). 

5.   Bits of HIV inserted into mycoplasma produced by UK/USA given Iraq and used along Kuwait border in 1991 was germ warfare. Professors Vojdani &Nicholson produced test & cured US troops affected with 2 antibiotics. UK troops left to rot by MOD. Mycoplasma has CIA patent, having been made from brucellosis germ nucleus. Mycoplasma has contaminated vaccines and is involved in causing fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis etc. when the immune system has been compromised. In contrast, ME can be caused by viruses such as HHV6 or Epstein Ban" or cytomegalovirus when the immune system and P450 liver cytochrome are disabled, the latter by carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide or mercaptens. The P450 disabling can last 3 years, ruining the body's detox system. 

References for the above accompany my two 2002 peer-renewed published reports. 



Thiomersal in DTP (25 ug.mercury per dose), DT, Tetanus, Hepatitis B & (most) influenza vaccines, content of some fish, and emissions from industrial chimneys including incinerators, waste-burning cement works & crematoria have led to an ever higher body burden of mercury at a younger and younger age. A relative shortage of zinc in the diet precludes the formation of metailothionme hence preventing the mercury' being excreted via the urine, Mercury opens up the blood/brain and

blood/bowel barriers, hypes the immune system and acts on various brain processes in a harmful way. The process is compounded by a herbicide and exposure to lead. Levels of mercury inhaled at UK schools have reached around lug/m3 PM2.5 size in Derbyshire and probably higher elsewhere. Mercury can induce alteration of genes affecting astrocyte differentiation and regional brain glial fibrillary acidic protein so

that autoimmune reactions can occur with raised lgG affecting neurofilaments and myelin basic protein. These antibodies correlate with sensorimotor deficits and neuromuscular function. Neurotoxicants have been demonstrated in 90% of autistic children resulting from autoantibodies produced by haptens formed by the mercury or other toxin attaching to brain proteins potentiated by the opened blood-brain barrier.

OP pesticides also open up the blood/brain barrier. Vojdani has detected antibodies to 9 different neuron-specific antigens in the sera of autistic children. ELISA essays determined serum IgA, lgM and lgG levels against the antigens.


Use of hazardous (effectively waste) mixes as fuel in the UK since 1992 in incinerators, cement works, trains, oil refineries and other industry has vastly increased PM2.5 air pollution, recently measured at 600ug/m3 in the UK (USEPA annual limit 15ug/m3). 90% of those particles size PMI are retained in the lung and are dealt with by macrophages and T-lymphocytes. The depletion of the T-lymphocytes leaves the victim vulnerable to infections and bad reactions to multiple live vaccines such as MMR. Studies have already revealed a marked drop in T-lymphocytes in many recipients of Tetanus and MMR vaccines. Hence a study near a

Belgian incinerator complying with EC directives found almost 90% of boys aged 2 to 9 years suffering from assorted illnesses. Infections such as otitis would be treated with antibiotics, many of which lead to alteration in bowel flora including candida or clostridium or new infections including streptococcus, mycopiasma or HHV-6 can be acquired or MMR-measles virus would start up a bowel wall inflammation if the level of T-lymphocytes was inadequate to cope with the viral load injected.


Antibiotics may alter bowel flora, for example inducing Candida overgrowth (unless probiotics or nystation are given). Low T-lymphocyte levels may allow the development of new predominant bowel bacteria or viruses. A low grade bowel wall inflammation results, reducing production of secretin, leading to reduction in

pancreatic proteinase enzymes, resulting in inadequate digestion of especially milk butyrophilin and other short chain peptides are then absorbed from the inflamed bowel wall into the blood becoming antigens and opiate like agents. Auto-antibodies are then carried into the brain along with the relevant virus/bacteria enabled by that opened blood/brain barrier, cross-reacting with brain proteins. MMR administration produces increased cytokine interferon-gamma. With inadequate T-lymphocytes and/or inadequate vitamin A, an over action of interferon gamma occurs found at 30 times controls in autistic children. If the child receiving MMR still has a high rubella antibody titre from the mother, an added immunological inflammatory response occurs. Development of autism takes time due to the need for adequate build-up of auto-antibodies in the brain to cause clinical effects. Lower levels account for less acute syndromes. This process is identical for autism, multiple sclerosis and Gillian Barre Syndrome with different viruses and peptide chains. The coeliac disease process is also similar except that it involves bowel only rather than the brain. 

TREATMENT OPTIONS medically include detox following analysis of toxins and preferably ELISA findings where available. In most cases zinc administration is required for at least 6 weeks. Other medicaments such as coenzyme QIO (to assist mitochondria of brain cells, assist immune system to deal with Candida, and to act as anti-inflammatory antihistamine), glyconutrients (xylitol being the most active ingredient), and vitamin B6 (to prevent pentosidine formation which is involved in various conditions including Alzheimers) amongst others have been used in treating autistic children with varying success. These findings explain the processes involved and concur with patient experience. The diet must be modified and enzymes added in the worst victims. 

COPYRIGHT Dr. Dick van Steenis MBBS Updated 26 August 200: 

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